To capture the singular beauty and eccentricity of the soul...

that is my passion

that is my ambition

and that is my art.

- Karen Erekson

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.. Embrace a breathtakingly intimate You ..

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Embracing the intimate, sassy, and seductive side of your fabulous, feminine soul will allow you to live a little more freely and love a little more deeply - both yourself and those around you!

styled-themed sessions

Finding that open, vulnerable space, and capturing the raw and awe-inspiring authenticity that flows from that space?   It's the absolute heart and soul of the Ashtyn Jade experience.

Yes, We Specialize...

beauty - BOUDOIR Maternity Photography

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It's a perfect pairing: still frames and moving pictures.  Watch the smiles, feel the laughter, get lost in the moment... and then again in the next.

fusion video

Poignant, epic imagery which allows us tell your story using your vision and all of our experience!  It's like making magic.  And loving every minute of it!